How to Shape Eyebrows

Shaping Eyebrows

1) Using an eyebrow pencil, hold it alongside your nose, with the lead end up. The brow pencil we prefer is “Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brow Wiz”.

If it makes it easier for you.. you may wish to make a small mark where the innermost edge of your eyebrow will begin.

2) Still aligning the pencil with the bottom edge of your nose, angle it out, past the outer edge of your eye. Make another small mark at the point where the tail of your eyebrow will end.

3) Next, looking straight ahead, place your eyebrow pencil in the center of your nose.  Angle it up and through the center of your pupil. This is where the highest point of your eyebrow will be.

Don’t make your initial marks too big or too dark. These are just reference points, you don’t want your completed brow to have noticeable dark spots!

Using your pencil, or an eyebrow brush if you prefer, begin outlining your brow in short strokes creating a straight line along the bottom edge of your brow from the innermost point nearest your nose up to the high point of your brow. Then begin making another line from the high point to the end of the tail.

Make some short light strokes just inside the top edge of the high point of your brow to define the arch. Continue the line down to connect with the tail. If your brow seems too wide, or you’ve make a mistake, use a Q-tip to fine tune your work. When the shape of your brow suits you, tweeze any hairs that are not within the brow line you have created.  Then, begin filling in the shape using the color of your choice.

Do not fill in the front portion of your brows too heavily. Make tiny hair strokes with your brow pencil or brow brush. This will make your brows look more natural and keep them from looking too harsh or too heavy.


If your eyes are close set, start your brows slightly farther back. You may opt as well to move the arch slightly farther out. Both of these will help to give the illusion of more space between your eyes.

If your eyes are wide set, then the opposite applies. Begin your brows slightly closer in. This will give the illusion of less space between your eyes.

Consider the shape of your face. If your face is a long shape, do not make the arch of your brow too dramatic or too high as this will only tend to accentuate the long shape of your face, making it appear even longer.

Never use Black for your eyebrows. If your hair is black, you might consider a brown-black color for your brows. A heavy black brow looks harsh and makes you look hard.


The brow pencil we prefer is “Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brow Wiz”.

Our favorite eyebrow brush is “Heavenly Luxe Build-A-Brow Brush #12”.

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