Permanent Cosmetics Training

Permanent Cosmetics Institute

Permanent Cosmetics Institute is a leader in the training and certification of permanent cosmetics professionals worldwide, having trained over 2400 technicians from all around the globe.

Permanent Cosmetics Institute offers monthly training classes in various locations throughout California training men and women interested in pursuing a rewarding career in permanent makeup application. The course focuses on sterilization procedures, artistic make up design and marketing techniques, as well as the latest and most successful methods of permanently enhancing eyebrows, eyes and lips.

In recent years, Dermagraphics has become an extremely popular new career opportunity! With accomplished technicians charging anywhere from $300 to $1800 per procedure, more and more professional cosmetologists, estheticians, MD’s, RN’s, and others are learning the art of permanent cosmetic micropigmentation.

When applied by a skilled technician, permanent cosmetics not only enhances individual features, but can also improve on nature’s imperfections. Women of all ages appreciate the convenience, and enjoy the confidence in looking their best regardless of activity.

Permanent Cosmetics Institute Director, Ms. Hackett, is a board certified Paramedical Derma-Technician, as well as being certified in cosmetic micro-pigment implantation, also known as permanent cosmetics.

In addition, Ms. Hackett is a Certified Permanent Cosmetics Instructor. This is an elite group, and actually numbers less than 40 fully licensed and certified instructors in the entire United States. This certification allows her to offer instruction and to certify others in this field.

Ms. Hackett’s professional background includes work in make-up design, cosmetic application and modeling. Her educational background includes studies in art and psychology at the University of Southern California, as well as advanced level training in permanent cosmetic application and master level training in paramedical procedures.

She received her permanent cosmetic certification in 1990 at the prestigious West Coast Academy of Permanent Cosmetics. She further studied with, and received her advanced and master level certification in 1993 from the Institute of Dermagraphic Technology. Ms. Hackett did her Paramedical internship at the Imaging Center for Corrective Dermagraphics.

Since becoming and certified as a Permanent Cosmetics Instructor in 1995, Ms. Hackett has trained successful technicians from throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia and South Africa.

Ms. Hackett is a founding member of the NCTA (National Cosmetic Tattoo Association), an organization dedicated to the continuing research of products and their performance in the practice of permanent cosmetics. She is also listed in the “National Registry of Who’s Who”, as well as in “Who’s Who in Permanent Color Applications”.

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