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Permanent Cosmetics Institute

I am writing this “Letter of Recommendation” to anyone who is considering taking a course in Permanent Cosmetic application. I would like to personally endorse and highly recommend Permanent Cosmetics Institute.

The training I received from Sherry Hackett and PCI, was not only professional and complete, it was technically superior to many other training choices I had researched in the 6 months prior to making my decision.

You will be prepared to enter the competitive world of Permanent Cosmetics if you choose your instruction wisely. PCI contact information is provided below. You will definitely not be disappointed!

Sherry L. Hackett, Director
Permanent Cosmetics Institute, Inc.
E-mail: Sherry [at]


Permanent Cosmetics by Rozan
Rose Ann Cloud , CPCT

I’m so glad I took your classes in permanent cosmetic application. I’ve spoken with others in this business who are experiencing numerous problems due to improper training. I am confident that the training I received from you is the best I could have gotten anywhere.
Thank You!

T. R., Phoenix, AZ

The training I received at your school has made all the difference; not only in the quality of the work I am able to perform, but in the prices I am able to charge as a result. Many of my clients have come to me from miles away, because they have seen my work and don’t mind traveling a bit further and paying a higher price for quality work.
Thank You again.

C. S., Sylvania, OH

I truly believe the instruction I received from you has made all the difference in my success. I am not having any of the problems that so many others in this business are experiencing. Your school is terrific, and I would surely recommend that anyone considering pursuing a career in permanent cosmetics begin by taking your training classes.

P. L., San Diego, CA

After only a few months in practice, my permanent cosmetics business has really taken off. I owe all of my success to you and your marvelous instruction. I have seen work done by others, and if I do say so myself, my work is much nicer, thanks to the superior techniques I learned from you.
Thank You so much.

R. M., Seattle, WA