Permanent Eyeliner – Permanent Makeup

Eyeliner Touch UpHaving permanent eyeliner applied puts an end to everyday annoyances!

Tired of having eyeliner smudges under your eyes?  Tired of touching up?

Permanent eyeliner holds up through humidity, perspiration, swimming and more!


Permanent eyeliner is my favorite permanent cosmetic makeup application.  Eyes are the windows to the soul, making it vitally important that they are defined.  Applying permanent eyeliner is infinitely easier than applying permanent eyebrows or permanent lip color.

In doing eyebrows and lips.. the two sides of anyone’s face are seldom exactly the same.  When applying permanent makeup to these areas.. there are more adjustments that will need to be made.  The technician’s job is to make the finished procedure, and your face, appear as symmetrical as possible.  In applying permanent eyeliner.. it is as simple as following the edge of the eyelid.

Of course.. it is important that the width of the eyeliner is the same on both eyelids.  In that respect there may still be some fine tuning required.  However, I am sure most professional permanent cosmetics practitioners would agree.. eyeliner is by far the easiest permanent makeup procedure.


Your eyes are your most beautiful feature.  They should be enhanced to make the most of them.  There may be times when you can get away with simply applying a moisturizer and some gloss to your lips.  But, without eyeliner to define the eyes, one tends to look completely washed out.

If you have been thinking about having permanent eyeliner applied.. you should definitely go ahead and do it.  You will not only love the convenience and time-saving aspects of having permanent makeup.. it is also one of those things you will wonder how in the world you ever did without for so many years.


However, before you start calling around trying to find the best price.. there are some very important things you need to consider.

1 – First of all.. price should be the absolute least of your concern.  After all, we are talking about someone who will be using needles to insert permanent cosmetic pigments into your eyelids.  Without a doubt.. the most important consideration should be the training, qualifications and expertise of the technician.

2 – Eyelids are very thin.. in fact, at 0.05 mm your eyelids are the thinnest skin on your entire body. Unfortunately, there have been instances of poorly trained, inexperienced and under qualified permanent makeup technicians who have penetrated clients’ eyelids with the needles.. leaving black marks on the sclera (the white part of the eye).

3 – Another consideration is the fact that this is pretty much a permanent procedure. My clients find that their permanent eyeliner will normally last anywhere from 8 to 10 years before it begins to fade or require any touching up.

For that reason you might not want to go with this season’s HOT new color.. or this year’s fad in eyeliner.. as you will be wearing this look for several years to come.

It is best to be conservative.. opting for an everyday look with permanent makeup applications. Then.. if you’d like an “over-the-top” look for a special occasion.. you will certainly be able to add some exaggerated wings or other things as needed.

Your initial application can be as conservative as you’d like.. or slightly more dramatic if that is your style. And, remember.. you can always add more!

Permanent EyelinerPermanent Eyeliner

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